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Lab notebook

Page history last edited by Natasha Tuskovich 12 years, 11 months ago

Current Parts


Assembly Parts




The first time a part shows up in a gel it is bold.


Preparing buffers

Lab June 25 2009


Making plates

Lab June 29 2009

Starting to make Qiagen reagents

Lab June 30 2009

pH'ing Tris and other stocks

Lab July 2 2009

More Qiagen work

Lab July 3 2009


Test Quiagen Miniprep and gel

Lab July 6 2009

Prepare CCMB80 buffer

Lab July 10 2009


Make SOB medium

Lab July 13 2009

Checking on failed DH5alpha plates

Lab July 14 2009 

Diagnosing contamination problems

Lab July 15 2009

New DH5alpha plates

Lab July 17 2009


Acheived DH5α growth

Lab July 20 2009

Make competent cells following top-10 protocol

Lab July 21 2009

Measurement of competence

Lab July 22 2009

Failed competence, started on BCMB301 competent cells protocol

Lab July 23 2009

Test of competence on new cells, greater quantity of pUC18

Lab July 24 2009


Successful test of competence with pUC18

Lab July 27 2009

Initial messing with rehydration protocol

Lab July 28 2009

Successful biobrick transformation

Lab July 29 2009

Nandrop rehydrations, more transformations

Lab July 30 2009 

Failed lambda cI  promoter

Lab July 31 2009


Checked weekend culture of RFP

Lab Aug 4 2009

Another nanodrop, more rehydrations and transformations, ran a gel (B0015 Amp/Kan, J06504 Amp, R0051 Amp, B0034 Amp)

Lab Aug 5 2009

More transformations, struggling with I0500

Lab Aug 6 2009

Struggling with Kan growth, more nanodrop rehydrations

Lab Aug 7 2009


Tried to induce high copy for I0500 using IPTG

Lab Aug 10 2009

 Make ccdB competent cells, miniprep plasmids, more transformations

Lab Aug 11 2009

 Try again at making ccdb strains with Kan and Cm resistances, more transformations

Lab Aug 12 2009

Check on ccdB strains, minipreps, etc.

Lab Aug 13 2009

Make new ccdB competent cells, check on cultures, miniprep, gels (P1010 Kan, J23102, J45120, J45200, K145303, P0151, I0500, C0083, E0422, R1051)

Lab Aug 14 2009


Brainstorming, trying to transform P1010

Lab Aug 17 2009 

Possible success in transforming P1010

Lab Aug 18 2009 

Miniprep and check plasmids, cut and ligated and transformed first assemblies, a few broth cultures, gel (P1010 Kan, P1010 Cm C)

Lab Aug 19 2009

Transformed second assemblies, gel (digests)

Lab Aug 20 2009

Gels (K235000, K235001 and K235002)

Lab Aug 21 2009


Gel (linearized DNA)

Lab Aug 24 2009

Gels and assemblies (K145303 better)

Lab Aug 25 2009

Pour Cm plates

Lab Aug 26 2009 

Re-plate ligation products, new competent cells, failed 2% gels (digests)

Lab Aug 27 2009 

Re-plate remaining assemblies, start fridge and freezer cleanup, gels (digests)

Lab Aug 28 2009 


Lab Aug 29, 2009



Plan for the week, gels (?)

Lab Aug 31 2009 

Check P1010Kan, broth culture, gel (K081005, K098988)

Lab Sept 01 2009

Reassembling K235003, 05 and 10, starting J04450, plating stabs, talking to many people

Lab Sept 02 2009

Broth cultures

Lab Sept 3 2009

Lab move, miniprep and gels (K235003 Cm, K235005 Cm, K235010 Cm, J04450 Kan (+IPTG), J04450 Kan (-IPTG), P1010 Kan, P1010 Amp, R0051 Amp, I0500 Kan (+IPTG), I0500 Kan (-IPTG))

Lab Sep 4 2009


Scheduling a lab meetup for Wednesday, some assemblies, a subculture

Lab Sept 08 2009

Talk-talk and resources

Lab Sep 9 2009 


Lab Sep 10 2009

Broth cultures and rehydrations

Lab Sep 11 2009

Minipreps and broth cultures

Lab Sep 12 2009


Aborted miniprep

Lab Sep 14 2009

Broth cultures

Lab Sep 15 2009


Lab Sep 16 2009

Gels (K235009, C0012, K235013, K115017, K235014, E0240, K235016, K235017, R0051)

Lab Sep 17 2009

Flourescence microscopy - failed

Lab Sep 18 2009


Assemblies, transformations

Lab Sep 22 2009

Broth cultures not done

Lab Sep 23 2009

Broth cultures

Lab Sep 24 2009

Miniprep, gels (failed)

Lab Sep 25 2009


Lab Sep 27 2009


Check cultures

Lab Sep 28 2009



Lab Oct 8 2009

Broth cultures and transformations

Lab Oct 9 2009

Minipreps and gel (K235019 Amp, K235020 Amp, K235021 Amp, K115017 Amp, C0012 Amp, J04630 Amp, J23070 Amp, R0051 Amp)

Lab Oct 10 2009


Lab Oct 11 2009


Broth cultures

Lab Oct 12 2009

Minipreps, gel (K235030 Kan, K235030 Chl, K235031 Chl, E0840 Amp, and K115020 Amp)

Lab Oct 13 2009

Broth cultures

Lab Oct 14 2009

Flourescence microscopy, gel (K235032 Kan, K235033 Kan, K235036 Kan, K235037 Chl)

Lab Oct 15 2009

Flourescence microscopy,assemblies, broth cultures

Lab Oct 16 2009





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